Don't be fooled by its tiny size. This lock picker can out perform most pickers three times its size. The key chain lock picker has been tested on hundreds of lock and is optimized to quickly open the widest variety of locks.



jack knife key chain pick set
USA Jack Rake Pick

About About The Jack Lock Pick Set 

The Ultimate Jack Lock Pick Set 

Double Bump Rake Pick - The double bump rake pick will open house doors, pad locks and cabinets. The double bump is twice as efficient as a single bump rake pick which makes picking locks faster. This is the most popular and preferred pick to use by many locksmiths.  When raking, the pins within the cylinder are hit twice with each stroke which causing the pins to align quicker to the shear line. This pick is excellent for opening pad locks, doors, drawers and more.   

Jack Feeler Hook Lock Pick

 Feeler / Hook Pick - The feeler pick is used by many locksmiths due to its ability to specifically press each of the pins into the shear line. This pick lets you feel the lock as each of the pins are pressed into the correct depth. This pick is used on difficult locks which requires a finer touch when picking a lock. In the locksmith DVD video it discusses using this pick in conjunction with the rake pick to open very difficult locks.

Jack Jiggler Car Pick

The Car Pick - A typical house key or pad lock key has bumps or ridges on one side of the key. However, most car keys have ridges on both sides of the key. Our car pick is a double sided jiggler pick that is optimized to press and align both the lower and upper pins into the sheer line. To use simply apply a light force on the tension wrench, then insert the car pick into the lock and jiggle up and down. Within two minutes the lock will suddenly turn and the door will open. 

Jack SJ2 Jiggler Pick

 SJ2 Jiggler Pick - This is the award winning lock pick. The jiggler pick consists of six angled bumps which rapidly knock or push all the pins into alignment along the sheer line. These small bumps were computer generated to optimize for the fastest pin alignment within the lock. This pick can open many locks within four seconds. To use, apply a light turning force with the tension wrench. Insert jiggler pick and start jiggling the pick up and down and in and out. This motion will knock the pins into alignment. Once aligned, the lock will turn and open.

elliptical ball pick

Elliptical Ball Pick - A common pick that some people like is the ball pick. However, one common problem is that the ball pick can not reach a pin if it is deeply seated to a pin that is not deeply seated. By making the ball elliptically, the pick will be able to reach into a deeply seated pin. This pick is an improvement over the standard ball pick. 

Picking Car Door
Jack Tension Wrench pick

 Dual Size Tension Wrench - The tension wrench fits into the Jack / key chain lock pick set. To use simply slide off the protective rubber sleeve.  This wrench will provide a turning force to rotate the lock cylinder. It has both a standard and a smaller sized head. 

Jack Pick Set On Key Chain

The Tension Wrench Slides Into The Jack Pick For Storage

Jack Lock Pick Folded

Only $24.95

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