The kit includes: The Jack lock pick set, The Locksmith DVD and the Tubular Lock Pick Pro Kit.

The Ultimate  Professional Lock Pick Kit

Tubular Barrel Lock Pick

      Our tubular / barrel pick can open small 4 pin tubular locks found on computers to a larger 9 pin tubular locks found on safes or vending machines.

     This tubular lock pick is also compact in size and can easily fit in a wallet or pouch.

      The tubular DVD is 1 hour long and will show you the latest techniques in opening tubular /barrel locks. The DVD is loaded with many examples opening vending machines, bike locks, safes and more.


    The Kit also includes a ward lock pick and a micro tension wrench to open tiny locks and cross locks. The Locksmith DVD demonstrates how to use the micro tension wrench.


picking ward lock
Jack Elite Pick Kit
USA Lock Pick that it opens

     The Pro Lock Pick Kit is the best and most complete lock picking kit on the market today. With this kit you will be able to open almost every type of locks.

            Added Feature with the PRO Kit You Can Open

   Tubular locks, Ward Locks, Tiny Locks  and Cross Locks

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