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        The Locksmith  is one of the best lock picking DVDs on the market today. The DVD that contains more than an hour of training videos, cut-away views of a lock and many examples. Many students have used the DVD to help them get their locksmith licenses. 

    Our DVD will show you how to open cars, houses, pad lock, draws, tubular locks, single pin ward locks, and double pin ward locks.

Learn To Pick Locks Like a Locksmith 

        There is no single technique that will open all locks. However, all locks have a weakness and can be picked by using a specific lock picking technique. The DVD contains a compilation of different techniques used by different locksmiths.

         For example, there are 5 different rake techniques shown on the DVD.  For one lock, technique 2 may work well; but for another lock, technique 4 may work well and technique 2 may not work at all.
* 5 different methods of raking
* Proper jiggling techniques
* Using a feeler pick to overcome   

   mushroom pins 

* How to combine techniques to open

   difficult locks
* Smart tensioning (Correctly varying the

* How to properly use a pick gun
* How to pick a tubular / barrel lock
* How to pick a ward lock - Including
    the new double opposite pin lock
* How to pick combination locks
* How to use shims
* How to pick a car door or trunk.
* How to pick brief case combination

* How to create a lock pick using hair
  pins or paper clips
* The technique used to pick locks
   using a hair pin
*  And Much More.....

 Don't buy a book to learn how to pick a lock. It is said a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well, a video is 30 pictures per second.

pick lock raking
screen capture picking lock
Picking Car Door
Picking Lock

Secret to Lock Picking is to Use Different Techniques

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