USA Lock Pick that it opens

Powerful and Compact Jack Lock Pick Set 

       Ten Locks in 2.5 minutes

     Our exclusive SJ2 jiggle pick

has won many lock pick competitions. All of the picks in our set are custom designed to quickly open the widest variety of locks.

      In a Speed demonstration the SJ2 was able to open 10 different locks in under 3 minutes.

 Out Performs The Competition In Speed

Jack Lock Pick opens 10 locks

     What is the point of having a lock pick set when you don't have it with you. Our Lock Pick Set was designed to be compact and small enough to insert into your wallet or easily attach to your key chain.

       Included with the Jack Lock Pick Set is the award winning SJ2 and other important picks like a car pick.

     The Jack Pick Set's frame is made from 100% US high grade anti-rust stainless steel and the picks are made from quality spring steel.

     The picks and tension wrench are easily folded into the Jack pick to keep them safe and from getting lost unlike other pick sets. When a pick is selected for use, a screw locks the pick in place to keep it from moving while picking the lock.  

Picks The Widest Variety of Locks 

USA LOCKPICKs  Professional Lock Pick Kit

      Having a great set of tools is essential. However, having the  correct technique and skills in picking the lock is a must.

       The Kit include a DVD Videos showing how to use each of the picks and how to avoid the many pitfalls that many fall into when opening locks. It starts off with basics techniques and then progresses into advance techniques  that professionals use.


Tubular Barrel Lock Pick

Tubular Lock Pick Pro Pick and DVD   Only $20.00

      Our tubular/barrel lock pick unlike other tubular lock picks on the market today, opens almost every type of tubular lock.

      The competition's tubular costs more and is limited to a specific type of tubular lock like a 7 or 8 pin lock. The kit included a 30 minute DVD that show how the lock works and how to open safes, bike locks, vending machines and more. 

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Jack Pick Set On Key Chain

Only $34.95 Sale $24.95

Order Ships Following Business Day

Jack Elite Pick Kit

 Complete Stealth Credit Card Pick Set  

Credit Card Picks Wallet

Easily Fits In Wallet

Credit Card Pick Set

This pick set looks like an ordinary credit card but actually contains all the picks to open almost any lock.

      To use simply select the desired pick and lock it into the handle via a screw. The credit card pick set include the powerful SJ2 jiggler pick, car lock pick, tubular lock pick and more.

credit card pick set

Only  $29.95

jack knife key chain pick set

Don't Get Locked Out Of Your Car

    Don't call a Locksmith do it yourself.


        All of our pick sets included a car pick.


     Click on the Video to see how to use the double sided car jiggler pick.


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